Quick safety rules reminder in 5 steps

Technological progress has made network security heavily protected using newer and newer methods. Does that mean we can sleep well?

Unfortunately, not entirely. We still hear cases where data falls into the wrong hands, or someone has unlawfully sneaked into accounts or systems. How to deal with it and protect yourself against it? What can you do to protect critical information better? We present a short guide to help you with this!

Choose proven suppliers, and don’t be afraid to ask

If you use online tools, check how your data is stored. Look for such information or ask if they are not available online.  In the eFitness system, we use the newest Microsoft Azure technology, and you can be sure that all data is protected with the highest security level.

Change your access passwords regularly – the eFitness system reminds you about it!

Do not underestimate these reminders, and remember not to use the same password everywhere on the web! You can also change the password at any time by going to Edit Profile in the eFitness system.

GDPR tab in the system – are you using it?

Appropriate settings in the GDPR tab will allow you to delete client data automatically after a specified period. You can also determine what data you want to anonymize, whether it is personal or financial data. Find out more here.

Permissions for employees – who can do what?

Try to choose the necessary system functions for each employee and establish what information they can access. In the eFitness system, you have many options for permissions, so don’t be afraid to use them. You can learn more in the video tutorial here.

Blocking access to the system

Remember to block the employee from logging into the system if they no longer work for your club. You can do it easily by using the slider on the employee profile “Approved” to NO. Changing the password alone may not be enough, as it is possible to restore it.

If you have questions about safety in eFitness – feel free to contact us anytime! 

Written by
Asia Balicka