13 valuable tips before reopening the fitness club

We have prepared a list of 13 things that are worth checking before reopening the fitness club. Be ready!

  1. First of all, access control. You don’t want your clients to get stuck before entering the club. If you have automatic access control, start the servers, test card or fingerprint readers, and go through all the gates in the club. Club members need to enjoy access to your club. 
  2. Registration of a new club member. Complete the process of registering a new club member. Assign a card or fingerprint to the profile and then verify the operation of the input readers.
  3. Connection with your email inbox. Check if you have correctly completed your email box data in the system to send messages accurately. Perform a test message sending. Watch the video to see how to enter your mailbox data and set up email and SMS messages.
  4. Fiscal printer. Remember to turn on the eFitness. Make a test deposit and withdrawal from the cash register for PLN 1. Verify if everything goes smoothly. You can also sell a product for a small amount to check the printing of the receipt. More information here 
  5. Automatic notifications. Test automatic notifications, such as a message with the password to the Online Member Area. In this video, you’ll learn how to set up automatic notifications.
  6. Stocks of warehouses. Check stock levels by making an inventory. How to organize stock levels and prepare a list? See our tutorial.
  7. Class schedule and visibility of classes in the Online Member Area. Choose the date when the club opens. You can read about all the possibilities of the My Calendar in the eFitness system here.
  8. Club limits. Check if you have set the correct limit of people in the club. During the time restrictions imposed on clubs, it is essential functionality. Get to know the operation of the „In the club“.
  9. Charging schedule. If you are charging club members‘ credit cards, make sure that the debit schedule is active— read more about recurring payments.
  10. Sale of passes in the Buy membership tab. When editing a subscription, you can select the availability of the subscription in online sales from a specific date, e.g., the starting date of the club’s operation.
  11. List of club members in debt. Browse the list of debtors. You can use the report for this, with the payment deadlines. You can find all the necessary information about reports here. 
  12. Suspended and frozen memberships. As in step 11, go through the list of suspended and frozen membership agreements. Thanks to the data from the reports, you keep track of the condition of your club.
  13. Questions? Do you have questions about the operation of the system? The knowledge base is where you will find a lot of helpful information about the system to help you in your work! If you have additional questions, you can always contact us through the Ticket System.

Did you check off all the points on the list? Great! We keep our fingers crossed for the restart of your club! 🙂

Written by
Asia Balicka