Spring Cleaning in the system – List of 7 Things to Check Out!

Spring is coming! It is worth thinking about cleaning up. Especially for you, we have prepared a list of things that should be „cleaned“ in the system.

Warehouse. Make an inventory and check for products that you no longer use. See our tutorial. Spring is also a great time to introduce new products to the bar’s offer.

Club members. Check the list of Club Members for overdue payments and inactive profiles that clutter the list. You can find more about managing the club member’s profile here.

Payment. Consider rewarding clubbers for their activity in difficult times – by introducing a bonus system or the option of paying with a wallet. If you want to know more about the Club Member’s possibilities after logging into the Customer Area, read our article here.

Activities. Like the magazine articles, you can also check classes and delete those that you will not reactivate in the future. More about the classes can be found in the tutorial in the Knowledge Base.

News. Refresh the information appearing in your Customer Area and in the mobile application. Add a photo and encourage your Club Members to attend the Club or let them know what’s going on. If you want to know more about adding news, see the article here.

Employees. Carefully review the list of employees. Maybe among them, there are those who no longer work – delete unnecessary profiles. Also, refresh the trainers‘ profiles by adding new photos or an interesting description—more about employee rights in the tutorial.

Automation. Change the content of automatic notifications sent to Club Members, add some colors or photos to them so that they can feel spring in your communication too. If you want to know more about configuring automatic notifications – see our tutorial.

Were you able to tidy everything up? We’re glad our list helped you refresh your system.

Written by
Asia Balicka